Noon Tour And Travel


Noon Tour and Travel is one of the reputed companies based in Ethiopia. Noon strives to take tourism to unmatched, creative, innovative and personalized level of service and experience. Noon has carved a niche with the implementation of innovative strategies, strong commitment, and an insatiable quest for success coupled with a highly motivated professional team.

Noon Tour and Travel is committed to making a difference in the world that its clients travel to, whether on holiday, for business, medication or for a study. We place great emphasis on striking balance between professionalism and providing extraordinary service. We have been moving excellent encounters for a considerable length of time through our cutting-edge planned bundles and other fundamental travel administrations. We work with you to manage all elements of your travel in an efficient, cost effective and ethical manner. We rouse our clients to carry on with a rich life, brimming with extraordinary travel encounters.

We are enthusiastic about movement and sharing the world’s marvels on the relaxation travel side, providing corporate explorers encourage their business travel needs, helping students study abroad and facilitate medical tourism.

With a high bar for our integrity and dedication to customer service, our strong company culture is anchored by our mission and values. As fulfilled workers lead to fulfilled clients, the development and accomplishment of our company relies on satisfying our customer’s needs each day which is additionally our guarantee. 


At Noon, we have key values that form the essence of our identity:-


  •  Accountability- We take responsibility to accomplish our work, on-time, with the highest quality possible. 
  •  Communication- Through internal and external communication tools, we aim to solve problems quickly, set clear objectives and expectations.
  •  Dynamism- Change is the only constant and we manage destinations that are continually growing and re-inventing themselves. We are not only adapting to the trends but staying ahead of them.
  •  Innovation- With a genuinely talented group of people, great products, open minds and clients with complex and unique challenges, we solve problems in new ways.
  • Integrity- We deliver what we promise, and only promise what we can deliver. We provide with warmth, humor, and a great deal of thought.
  • Teamwork- we are at our best when working together to produce extraordinary results.
  • Quality Service- we provide high value services which ensure customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to enhance the travel experience of each customer by providing personalized travel experience through the most efficient arrangement at reasonable cost.


Our vision is to be a leading travel solution provider with a global span of networks, adhering to the service principles of vision, innovation, service, integrity and teamwork.

Strategic Objective

To recognize that a good service is more than a competitive price; it’s a near-obsessive attention to detail that transforms a good experience into an exceptional one. We don’t want to sell you a travel package; we want to understand your needs, so we can custom design a travel solution that meets your specific requirements. We look at your opportunities and challenges and design a solution customized to fit you.

Strategies that Noon follows

Noon is recognized for professionalism, inspiring operational communications, personalized service and imaginative itineraries that facilitate us to provide clients with the most unforgettable experience. , while focusing on the following strategic areas:

  • Rendering superior service to customers that translate to customer loyalty
  • Detailed planning and cost effective tour plans customized to needs and wants
  • Maintaining a high-performing team that consistently displays competence in customer orientation
  • Providing new ways to enhance the travel experience while constantly searching for new destinations.